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Announcing Our "Approved Ride Company" Program

Only Real Ride Companies Can Qualify

Verified Balloon Ride Seal

The certificate sellers (or "booking agents") continue to promote through hundreds of misleading sites or sell at prices well below market. They siphon passengers from legitimate ride companies, frequently use misleading high pressure sales tactics resulting in many disillusioned people with a bad impression of ballooning.

It has become increasingly difficult for the general public to tell the difference from a legitimate company operating their own rides and a certificate seller using dishonest sales techniques.

We've decided to add a feature to our ride directory to assist the public. All companies with a Premium Photo Ad can add one of our "Approved Balloon Rides" seals to their website. You can choose from different seals so you can select one that best matches your site. We provide a small snippet of code for you to add to your web pages that not only displays your seal of approval but when clicked displays a verification page confirming that your company has been awarded our "Approved Balloon Rides" seal. The verification page shows your company name, web address, phone number, and includes a link to your full page listing.

Click this seal for a live example
of the verification page:

(This is one of several seals available
for you to place on your website)

Your live verification seal features:
  • The current date and time imbedded in the image for real-time verification
  • Your domain name so your seal can't be used by others
  • Real-time verification page when clicked
Inclusion of your domain and the current time right in the image assures your visitors that your site is approved to display our Seal of Approval.

It is viewed as a kind of "Industry Approval" by consumers, giving your company a third-party endorsement for increased credibility.

No Additional Cost

Our "Approved Ride Company" program is available at no extra cost beyond the normal price of a Premium Photo Ad in the ride directory, which is less than the cost of a bottle of champagne each month.

We will be heavily promoting the seal of approval on our website and in other marketing efforts. With so much confusion in the marketplace, the ride directory and seal assure the public that participants are real balloon ride companies.

Participation is simple.

You can add the seal to your own web site if you have a premium photo ad in the ride directory.

Use of the seal on your web site is voluntary, but is an obvious benefit to show your company has been approved by Third-party endorsements are important to build consumer confidence, since many are afraid of problems with anonymous transactions. Verification seals have become important programs offered by SSL issuers, the Better Business Bureau, and security audit firms.

The seal has been added to all premium photo listings, which also leads to the individual verification page when clicked.

If you have a current premium photo ad in our ride directory, you can pick up your seal by logging in to your account here. After logging in, click "Browse Your Listings, then click the "Info" button next to a listing. You'll be able to view the different seals available and get your custom code to add your seal to your web site.

Not Listed Yet?

If you would like to add your company to our ride directory and participate in the program, sign up for a Premium Photo Ad.

More About Seal of Approval Programs

Do consumers recognize online seals as indicators of trust?
There's been some excellent research conducted on internet based seal of approval programs. Professors Sandeep Krishnamurthy of the University of Washington and Anthony D. Miyazaki of the University of Miami conducted a study in 2002 that found "consumers are likely to believe that a site maintains a higher privacy standard when that site participates in an Internet seal of approval program."

The Krishnamurthy and Miyazaki study concluded that "the presence of seal logos were found to increase anticipated disclosure and patronage rates for consumers with relatively high online shopping risks, but had no effects on consumers with low online shopping risks." In other words, seal programs were found to have greater influence over consumers who are more apprehensive about online shopping, than those who are generally less apprehensive.

Therefore, it's clear that trust seals are particularly effective where they are most needed.

Build consumer confidence and assure your customers by adding the "Approved Ride Company" Seal of Approval to your website today.


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