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Our Personal and Private service makes your flying adventure more fun! If you have a family with children, and you don't want to be in a large crowded basket with many strangers, we have the family baskets that carry up to six in the air at once. If you have a larger family, we can bring out more than one balloon! We offer FAMILY and CORPORATE DISCOUNTS throughout the year. If you are a mature or senior couple and don't wish to share a basket with many "High Energy" kids who you don't know, no worries, we have private "couples only" baskets that afford you the peace and serenity you are looking for in a hot air balloon flight, without any other guests. Our Pilots are your guides to the skies over the beautiful Southwestern landscape. Many of them have over 20 years piloting experience, and are all ACCIDENT FREE. We are the ONLY Alb. ride company advertising Accident Free! Our balloons are the GUARANTEED NEWEST finest examples of modern technology available! Private Balloon Flights features only Cameron Balloons. is the first and only company to build balloons that have gone all the way around the world! Your comfort and safety are assured. We do also offer a shared basket when we have 2-3 couples that don't mind flying together, but don't wish to be in a basket carrying 10 to 12 people in it, and we offer great discounts often as much as 30% off when you share a basket, and we won't put more than the 6 of you in a shared basket with the pilot.
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