Air balloon rides in Tucson

Searching for Air balloon rides in Tucson? You've come to the right place! Finding a pilot to provide Air balloon rides is easy. Additionally, you can check our ride guide, or look in the local yellow pages.

Enjoying Air balloon rides is something everyone can participate in, but it is also a popular way to celebrate a birthday! When you speak with the company you are considering flying with, always to ask how many others will be in the basket.

When it is time for your flight, your pilot will offer to let you help with the assembly and inflation of the balloon. Go ahead and do it - it adds to the experience!

Why can't I get a balloon ride in the middle of the day?

Balloons fly early in the morning, right after sunrise and late in the day, right before sunset. This is when the wind is calmest since the sun is low in the sky. The wind is generally too unpredictable, with severe up-and down-drafts, during the middle of the day. It isn't safe to offer balloon rides when the wind is unstable.

Famous Balloon Quote:

There's something in a flying horse,
There's something in a huge balloon.
William Wordsworth, 'Peter Bell,' Prologue. Stanza 1.
What are the differences between gas and hot air balloons?
A gas balloon is completely enclosed and is filled with helium or hydrogen. A hot air balloon gets its lift from heating the air within it. The Breitling Orbiter, which flew non-stop around the world in 1999, was a combination gas and hot air balloon.

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A two- or three- person crew helps the pilot rig the equipment, holds open the envelope while it fills with cold air, and applies weight to the outside of the basket as needed before launch. Then they follow the balloon on the ground, and after the landing help the pilot pack everything up and bring it home again. Much of the crew workload consists of carrying heavy equipment from the truck to and from launch and landing spots.
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