Balloon excursions in Santa Clarita

Searching for Balloon excursions in Santa Clarita? You've come to the right place! Finding a pilot to provide Balloon excursions is easy. Additionally, you can check additional pages here, or look in the yellow pages.

Enjoying Balloon excursions is something everyone can enjoy, but it is also a great way to give a gift! When you speak with the company you are thinking about booking with, be sure to ask how many others will be flying with you.

When it is time for your ride, your company will offer to let you help with the assembly and inflation of the balloon. Go ahead and do it - it adds to the experience!

Do you need a license to fly a balloon?

A Balloon Pilot Certificate is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA. You must pass an FAA written exam, obtain a prescribed number of hours of instruction, make a solo flight, a flight to a specific altitude and pass a flight test.

A pilot offering balloon rides (flying passengers for hire) must receive additional training and have more experience than a private pilot. You don't have to be able to fly an airplane since it is a completely different type of aircraft, although many balloon pilots also fly other types of aircraft like airplanes and helicopters.

Famous Balloon Quote:

Build lightness in.
Alberto Santos-Dumont.
Where balloons really used during the civil war?
Yes. Hydrogen balloons were used by both armies for airborne observations.

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Most balloons have a crew of between 3 to 6 people. Most balloon crews are volunteer, and do not get paid. For most of us, it is a hobby. It's how we work off the stresses of the week, and get together to have a good time with an ever-changing hobby.
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