Hot air balloon trips in Lubbock

Searching for Hot air balloon trips in Lubbock? You've come to the end of your search! Finding a company to provide Hot air balloon trips is easy. Additionally, you can visit additional pages here, or look in the yellow pages.

Enjoying Hot air balloon trips is something everyone can $do, but it is also a popular way to get married! When you speak with the ride provider you are thinking about booking with, always to ask how many passengers will be on the flight.

When it is time for your trip, your ride company will offer to let you help with the assembly and inflation of the balloon. Go ahead and do it - it adds to the fun!

How can I find a balloon ride company if there isn't one listed near me?

You can check your local yellow pages for balloon rides, but it is possible that there are no flights available. Some areas are not conducive to safe balloon flight, so you may need to contact a company in a nearby city or state.

Flying in a balloon is a wonderful experience, and is definitely worth the effort even if you need to take an overnight trip to fly in a balloon. Talk to the balloon company about nearby hotels and other activities you can do while you are visiting their area.

Famous Balloon Quote:

The balloon seems to stand still in the air while the earth flies past underneath.
Alberto Santos-Dumont.
Can balloons fly over mountains?
Yes. However, there are some special problems: If you come down in an area where there are no roads it is difficult to get the balloon out Also, mountain winds are sometimes very turbulent.

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How old do you have to be to fly a balloon?
To obtain a Private Pilot Certificate in the USA you must be 16 years old. And would you believe that there are balloonists flying in their 80's!
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