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New And Demo Models Available!!!

Posted By: JBBalloon
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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phone: 888 550-2677
Date Added: Jan 23, 2017


We have slightly used Demo models available ! Don't wait!

Ventry fans are SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT at just 86 pounds! They are also very compact, and can fit into an area of LESS than 29 Inches cubed! They were originally designed for use in the fire fighting industry, and because of their light weight and compact size, they are IDEAL for one person grabbing one off of a fire truck and running to a burning building!

Compared to over a dozen inflator fan manufacturers in tests, Ventry fans are considered not only the top of the line or "Cadillac" of fans with regard to their power and performance, but they are also the most cost effective!

Private Balloon Flights in Albuquerque is Ventry Fans' oldest Hot Air Balloon Dealer, and has been a Ventry fan dealer now for almost 16 years. Some of the first fans we bought and sold back in 1998 are still right here in Albuquerque and still going strong!

Private Balloon Flights features ONLY Ventry Fans to inflate our fleet of regular and now special shape Cameron Hot Air Balloons.

We understand that an inflator fan is NOT a small investment, (at least is SHOULD NOT be a small investment!) You wouldn't go out and buy the rattiest old balloon you can find, so why would you buy the rattiest old cheap inflator fan? Your fan is probably the most helpful, and potentially the most DANGEROUS piece of equipment you own, so EXTRA care should be taken to ensure it is the safest piece of equipment you own!

In 16 years, we have had 2 blades shear off, we have had a fan fall off of a trailer and go bouncing down the road, AND I crushed one (while it was running!) with a 210,000 once (long story) and Ventry replaced the blades, cages, and legs at NO CHARGE, even though some of those events were NOT warranty covered issues! In all four of these cases, once the new parts were installed, the fans started right back up on the first pull! AND all of those catastrophic events resulted in not 1 scratch to any passenger or crew member! You can't find a better or SAFER fan manufacturer to buy from and rely on to stand behind their products like Ventry! Ventry Fans Since 1972!


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