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Posted By: JBBalloon
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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phone: 888 550-2677
Date Added: Aug 15, 2017


This is a once in a lifetime buy on a beautiful never-been-flown Cameron O-140 Envelope Only. Due to recent changes in insurance, the ballooning industry and our local market, we are adjusting the size and makeup of our fleet moving forward. These changes have caused us a surplus in medium sized ride balloons, so instead of canceling our order and losing all of our deposit, we’d rather pass our (would-be) savings on to you, even at a nominal price below dealer cost. Our loss really is your gain! This envelope is well into production, so no changes to options or colors can be made at this time.

Once we have completed a sale, we will forward those details on to the factory allowing them to release/ship to the purchaser when envelope is completed. You may also contact CBUS for any details of the envelope, our sales history (performance reputation) or any other questions, as well as set. completion date.

This envelope will come with 100% of the full Cameron warranty, and has the following customizations:

Extra (adjustable) crown line length built in
Extra mid-gore velcros in parachute
Fabric reinforced red line and rotator pulleys
Right hand vent line rigging (for use over T-baskets)
“EZ-hold” sliding handles on crown line
“EZ-grip” tabs on parachute velcro for easy tabbing-in

The options and current retail prices are listed below, if you bought this envelope new today:

$29,455. . . . O-140 Envelope Only

$2,750 . . . . .Top 1/2 Hyperlast Supplement

$1,294 . . . . .Easy Vent II

INCL . . . . . .Dual Rotation Vents

$145. . . . . . .Mini Heat Shield on Scoop (Velcroed on for easy removal/replacement)
$1,055. . . . . Full Nomex Scoop

$34,699. . . . Retail Price w/ All Options
-$6,940 . . . .Full 20% Cameron Dealer Discount

-$764 . . . . . Our additional reduction (now over 22% off!)

$26,995. . . .RARE “No-Haggle” Final Asking Price. We are ALL IN!

F.O.B. Ann Arbor. Factory will arrange shipping at buyer’s cosy, as with any new balloon.

JandB Balloon Traders
"We Buy New, So You Don't Have To!”


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