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Entire Fleet Sale! Everything Must Go!!

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Ventry Fan GX200
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Entire Fleet Sale! Everything Must Go!!

Posted By: Papillon2011
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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phone: 5056155997
Date Added: Jan 28, 2020


6 ~ Cameron Balloons US envelopes, 2 ~ Cameron Balloons US bottom ends, 3 ~ Ventry Inflator Fans

#1 - 2015 O-140 164TT Top 1/2 Hyperlast $24,995
#2 - 2015 O-140 51TT Top 1/2 Hyperlast $28,995
#3 - 2014 O-120 196TT Top 1/2 Hyperlast $19,995
#4 - 2016 O-120 20 TT Top 1/2 Hyperlast $27,995
#5 - 2016 O-105 113 TT Top 1/3 Hyperlast $22,995
#6 - 2017 V-90 10TT Top 1/3 Hyperlast $20,995

All envelopes have:
Extra (adjustable) crown line length built in
Extra mid-gore velcros in parachute
Fabric reinforced red line and rotator pulleys
Dual rotation Vents
Mini heat shield on scoop
Full Nomex scoop
Right hand vent line rigging
EZ-hold sliding handles on crown line
EZ-grip tabs on parachute velcro for easy tabbing-in

120's and 140's all have Easy Vent II deflation system.

Bottom ends:

#1 - 2013 48x72 Solid Floor, Flat Top $24,995
#2 - 2014 42x58 Solid Floor, Flat Top $19,995

Bottom ends include:
High spec option for 20 gal tanks
2~20 gal SS QSO tanks
1-2 tank Cameron Factory manifold
Ultra Double Burners
Custom Multi Colored Wicker Weave
Poly Skid Runners
Cushion Floor
Cushioned Full floor length side walls
Safari Skids
Tank Heaters
Drop line with pouch

Inflator Fans:
#1 - 2013 GX160 $1,595
#2 - 2014 GX200 $1,795
#3 - 2015 GX200 $1,895

Ventry fans are SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT at just 86 pounds! They are also very compact, and can fit into an area of LESS than 29 Inches cubed! They were originally designed for use in the fire fighting industry, and because of their light weight and compact size, they are IDEAL for one person grabbing one off of a fire truck and running to a burning building!

Email is best way to contact for more information. Either by phone or email, please include which item you are referring to by #. If contacting by phone, please leave a message with a return phone number.

Please, serious inquiries ONLY!!!!!!

Non-refundable deposit required on ALL purchases

NOTE: There are NO instruments available!!

Fresh annuals on envelopes and baskets by Aerco (except envelope #4 . Annual will be provided by Aerstatica Inc.) included with full asking price.
Domestic shipping via ForwardAir for envelopes and baskets (except envelope #4 . Shipping will be handled by Cameron Balloons US) included with full asking price.
International shipping must be paid and provided for by buyer.
Ventry Fans can be shipped via UPS.


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