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Ballooning FAQ / Learning to Fly

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document How do I become a balloon pilot?
In the USA, you must be trained by a commercial balloon pilot (all commercial balloon pilots also hold instructor privledges), pass a written exam,...
document How old do you have to be to fly a balloon?
In the USA, you must be 16 years old to get a balloon pilot license.
document What are the instruments used in flying a hot air balloon and what are their uses?
Even though hot air balloons are relatively simple aircraft, there are some required instruments that the pilot uses while operating a hot air...
document How do you light the burners?
Usually with a striker similar to that used by welders to light their welding torches. Some burners have built-in piezo-electric ignitors. Once lit,...
document What are the ropes for?
The crown line on top of the balloon is used to stabilize the balloon during inflation. "Tether lines" are used to tie the balloon down...
document Do you need a license to fly a balloon?
Yes. A Balloon Pilot Certificate is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA. You must pass an FAA written exam, obtain a...
document I read about a personal hot air balloon for one-Are they still around?
Yes, they are around. They are commonly referred to as 'Cloudhoppers'. Many are homebuilt, but a few  have been made by the balloon...



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