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Ballooning FAQ / Balloon Rides

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document How much do balloon rides cost?
In the US, you can expect to pay somewhere between $225 and $275 per person for a balloon flight shared with other passengers. Prices vary, so...
document How can I get a ride in a balloon?
There are professional balloon ride companies all over the world. Our our is one of the best places to look, or you can check you local Yellow...
document What if you have to go to the bathroom?
Pre-planning is the key! Since flights average about an hour or so, pre-planning pays off in this regard. There are no bathrooms aboard the balloon.
document I bought a balloon ride but it keeps getting cancelled, What gives?
Safe balloon flight requires very specific weather, and it is not uncommon to have to reschedule multiple times if weather is a factor in the...
document How long do balloon rides last?
Always check with your ride company for their specific schedule. The following information is quite common but could be different than what your...
document Is there a minimum age requirement to go on a balloon ride?
While there is no legal age limit to fly in a balloon, most balloon ride companies will have thier own age policies. We've found that very young...
document Are balloon rides available during colder/warmer weather?
Temperature does play a role in the ability for a balloon to fly. Summertime high temperatures greatly reduce the amount of weight a balloon can...
document Is there a weight requirement per person?
Hot air balloons are made in a wide range of sizes. The smallest can hold only the pilot, while larger ride balloons can hold 14-16 passengers. ...
document Can a handicapped person fly in a balloon?
It depends on several factors, including the nature of the handicap and any special equipment that might be available in the region where you want...
document Is motion sickness an issue on balloon excursions?
Not at all! A balloon ride is extremely stable with very little feeling of motion. Although we've never had any passengers comment on any motion...
document How do you enter the basket?
You climb over the side of the basket to get in. While there is no graceful way to do it, most baskets do have steps in the sides and there are...
document What is the average height of the balloon basket for someone to see over?
The average height of the sidewalls is about 1 meter, or three feet. The walls are high enough for passengers to feel very secure, and low enough...



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