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Ballooning FAQ / Balloon Flight

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document How do you steer a balloon?
Balloons simply float with the wind. The pilot can control the balloon's altitude to find a wind going in the desired direction, but you cannot fly...
document How long does it take to inflate and deflate the balloon?
A good ground crew can inflate and launch a regular shaped balloon in fifteen minutes or less. It takes about the same amount of time to deflate and...
document Why dont balloons fly in the middle of the day?
Balloons fly early in the morning, right after sunrise and late in the day, right before sunset. This is when the wind is calmest since the sun is...
document Can balloons fly at night?
Yes, although balloonists seldom do because of decreased visibility and the requirement for instruments and lights. Most balloons are certified for...
document How do you get back to where you started?
Since balloons don't land where they took off, a chase crew follows along in a van or truck. The chase crew is in radio contact with the pilot, so...
document How much do balloons cost?
About the same as a car or boat. The most popular sport size balloons cost  $25,000 or more. Options such as artwork, extra equipnet, etc all...
document What should I wear for my balloon flight?
It is best to check with the company you are flying with but the following guidelines are a great place to start: In general, dress like you were...



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