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Is 1-800-SKY-RIDE misleading the public?

Hundreds of websites give false information to make you think they are local companies.

We've been warning our visitors about misleading websites that appear to be run by a local company but are all run by one company with a long history of consumer complaints. The company operating these misleading sites has added false contact information in response to our suggestion to look for local contact information.

A sampling of these websites in below. When comparing these sites, you'll see many share the same page design and use the same street address but in the local city appropriate for the individual site.

This is false and misleading information designed to make you think they are a local company, when in fact they are not.

These sites not only share false addresses, but fake testimonials, too. See this google search to discover over 100 different websites with an identical fake testimonial:
Fake Testimonial search

Or how about nearly 2000 websites with the same phone number?
Identical phone number search

An additional 300 sites from the same company, using a different toll free number:
Second phone number search

A very small sampling of misleading sites that are NOT local companies:

What To Do?

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of research to find out if the site you're visiting is run by a legitimate local company or a ride broker that doesn't fly their own balloons. You are assured that every company listed in our balloon ride directory is a real company that flys their own balloons, not a nameless, faceless company trying to decieve you into thinking they are in your area but who's only interest in getting your money. If you deal with a company not listed in our directory, our suggestion is to research the company carefully before you call or give them your credit card number.


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