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Are and 800SkyRide connected?


The company 800SkyRide has been under fire in recent years with lawsuits and complaints related to their business practices. (see related article).

Another company offering very similar services has surfaced - This company purports to sell adventures like balloon rides and skydives at hundreds of locations nationwide.

A little digging shows many similarities between the companies:  the domains and are both registered to the same individual.

This press release announces that ThrillPlanet was acquired by a venture capital firm called Taparu LLC:

Taparu LLC is a corp formed in Georgia. The Georgia secretary of state shows this for the official address of Taparu LLC:
3240 S. COBB DR. STE. X

The public records of Taparu LLC show it was formed by one individual:

According to this story (, Ben Butler was named as a principal in SKYRIDE in a lawsuit against the company. The other individual named as a principal is Cary Quattrochi.

There is another Georgia Corporation with these two names: CASC, Inc. Cary Quattrochi is the sole director, and Ben Butler is the Registered Agent.

CASC, Inc. was listed as the owner of several websites when this page was written:

Some of the sites listed on that page as registered to CASC, INC. are now registered to "1800SkyRide"

ThrillPlanet's profile at shows this:

"Thrill Planet is the nationís leading source of adventure sports. With hundreds of sites constituting its extensive sports network, Thrill Planet adventures are conveniently located throughout North America. Thrill Planet is committed to superlative customer service in all its adventure sports offerings, including: skydiving, hot air balloon rides, hang gliding, race car driving, bull riding, white water rafting, rock climbing, glider rides, helicopter rides, paint ball, and more. Thrill Planet is a premier member of the 1-800-Sky-Ride Adventure Sports Network. More information about Thrill Planet may be obtained by calling 1-800-759-7433 or by visiting ."

ThrillPlanet and Taparu LLC share the same phone number: 800-943-4025.
Thrillplanet's press releases at also list this number: 1-800-759-7433. Guess who also used that number? Yep, 800SkyRide.

Adventure Sport Skydiving (1800skyride),, and taparu LLC are all at the same address:
3240 S Cobb Dr. SE
Smyrna, GA 30080

Why are they using a new website and company name?
Could it be that their reputation operating as 800SkyRide has caught up with them?

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