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Questions about the Top 50 Balloon Sites:

  1. I joined, how do I get the button on my page?
    Each site is reviewed after submission. When your site is approved, you'll be sent an email with the link code. Add the link code once to each page where you would like the Top 50 Balloon Sites button to appear.

  2. I added the code, but the button doesn't show up.
    The button won't appear until your site is approved. If the button was showing before, send us an email to ask if your site has been set to inactive. We only set sites to inactive if there is a problem with the account, like a bad URL or violation of the Terms and Conditions. We always email the site owner when there is an issue.

  3. My site doesn't appear on the list anymore.
    Accounts with no activity are automatically removed after 7 days. If you do not put the link code on your pages, or you put it only on a seldom-visited page, your site will automatically be removed if the page with the code isn't visited by anyone at least once a week.

  4. I know I get more visitors than the stats show. What's up?
    The Top 50 list counts each visitor that comes to any page on your site containing the link code. To be ranked as highly as possible, be sure to put the link code on every page of your site. The Top 50 List counts unique visitors, meaning each person is counted once, regardless of how many times they visit your site.

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