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Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Top 50 Balloon Sites you agree to the following:
  1. Only sites about hot air or gas ballooning are allowed.
  2. Only one listing per domain name.
  3. The code provided when you sign up must be added at least once to your web pages. It can be placed on as many balloon related pages as you want, but can only be placed one time on each page. If using frames, it can't be in two or more frames that appear at the same time.
  4. The code cannot be altered in any way, hidden or otherwise manipulated in such a way as to alter, hide or obscure the "Top 50 Balloon Sites" graphic.
  5. If your site contains additional content not specifically related to ballooning, the code is only allowed on those pages that primarily pertain directly to ballooning.
  6. The "Top 50 Balloon Sites" graphic may not be stored on your web server. The Top 50 system counts visits by counting the number of times the image is sent to each site. If the code is changed and the image is served from your own web server, the system cannot count your visits and the concept of the rankings is defeated.
  7. Permission is granted to display the "Top 50 Balloon Sites" graphic only while actively participating in the Top 50 Balloon Sites list by including the unaltered link code on one or more web pages of the site the code was registered to. The graphic cannot be stored locally on your server at any time.
  8. No techniques may be used to artificially inflate your count.
  9. The graphics provided by the "Top 50 Balloon Sites" system are Permission is granted to display a "Top 50 Balloon Sites" graphic only as a result of the use of unaltered code provided to the participant in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
Any site that does not abide by these simple rules may be removed at our discretion, but participation is simple - sign up, add the code to your pages, and forget it! When visitors on other participating sites click on the Top 50 graphic, they'll go directly to the Top 50 list where they can find your site! All participants help each other out.

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