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Hot Air Ballooning



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Ballooning Basics

We've compiled several stories and resources to help you learn all about how hot air balloons fly, what it is like to crew for one, and what's involved in becoming a pilot:

How Balloons Fly
This short story describes exactly what gets these beautiful craft into the air.

How Balloons Race
"Race" may not be the best choice of words to describe hot air balloon competition since balloons have no steering and you can't control their speed. You'll find out how pilots are able to manuever to a target in this interesting description of competitive flying.

Getting Paid to Fly Balloons
Learn how a fortunate few are able to earn a living in this wonderful sport.

Unsung Heroes
Pilots would seldom get off the ground without 'em. Passengers would be stranded wherever the balloon lands. Find out why the ground crews that work behind the scene are so important - and why crewing is so much fun!

Getting Started
This article by Ruth Ludwig originally appeared in the November 1995 issue of Flight Training magazine. It is a great overview of how hot air balloons fly, what it takes to become a pilot, and why balloon flight is so addicting! It is reprinted here with permission.

Hot Air Ballooning
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